Tuesday, October 20, 2009

My First Day at. W.S.

Today was my first day at W.S., starting as the 37 year old intern. I'm still trying to digest everything, don't know how I feel really feel about it. Honestly, it's great to be busy and back doing something instead of watching t.v. and eating all day, but really it's not challenging in anyway. I'm interning in the art department, so it's filing, updating portfolios, organizing pictures, and, get this, helping them empty their trash out at the end of the day.

I was introduced to any of the agents except for one, which was a bit weird. Everywhere I've worked, interns were always introduced to the agents. The art department guys were nice. The other intern was a sweet girl from Germany. Sweet but clueless. She pronounces Michel Comte as Michel COMTAY. I didn't have the heart to correct her.

I had a great lunch with her, she shared with me her dream to become a music photographer, to go on tour with a band one day. I'll share more about that soon when I'm not so tired.

She has been interning there for 3 months already, and she hasn't been given any responsibilities other than filing, updating, messenger calls, etc. She was told today that she would be doing some "retouching" next week, as bonus responsibilities.....Hmmmm.

Funny things that went down today -

An agent was made a remark about a 40 year old intern of his - I thought it was funny. Wondered what he would think and say about me, the 37 year old intern.
Wondering how much experience these people in the office have, curious whether anyone had worked their way up to a position of an agent.
Are they just used to a constant stream of interns, so there's no personalization.

I'm back at W.S. tomorrow, I think they want me to work Tuesday and Wednesdays. Note to self, bring lots of tissues, clorox cleansing wipes, and hand sanitizer. Can you say super dusty, especially going through those files in the back room.
I will start my first day as an intern at M.A. on Friday, and also have interviews tomorrow with A.P. and R.B. on Thursday. I think I want to wind up at a place that will challenge me and let me use all my talents rather than just filing and updating....But it's great to be able to get the behind the scenes fly on the wall perspective.